Food can really f*ck with you

I have struggled with my weight ever since having kids. It probably doesn’t help that I like food and hate to work out. It started becoming apparent to me that certain food made me feel worse than others, specifically dairy. So I decided to do a food sensitivity test to see if I was right in my assumptions.

EverlyWell Food Sensitivity Kit

EverlyWell has these awesome kits to test for a variety of things like food sensitivities, metabolism, sleep & stress and even breastmilk. They accept HSA payments so I was able to use my HSA funds to buy my first kit. I wasn’t sure what to expect so I purchased the $199 food sensitivity test that covers 96 different food sensitivities (knowing how great it is now I wish I would have done the + version for $50 more). They mailed me a kit that included the items I needed to provide a blood sample, don’t worry it’s just tiny lancets you can barely feel, and return postage for sending the samples back. I did my sample that that same day and had it back in the mailbox right away.

EverlyWell Food Sensitivity Test

Test Results

My test results arrived in my email just days after sending it back in. Every food item they tested had some level of reactivity from a range of low to moderate. I was not surprised to see that every dairy item they tested had a mild or moderate level of reactivity. Yogurt was the only item that showed up as moderate with the other dairy items all under mild. I was pretty bummed to see a few of my favorite veggies under the mild section, like asparagus & green beans, but happy to see peas in there. I hate peas. Another disappointment was peanuts – it’s not that I eat these a lot but its just more of the work behind avoiding them. Gluten and wheat also made an appearance in my mild sensitivity results.

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Changing My Diet

Based on my results, going Paleo was going to be the easiest. And not so much that I would stick to that exact diet, but more so that I knew if I searched for Paleo recipes they were likely going to be acceptable, minus green beans and asapargus (have I mentioned yet how much those two break my heart). I made a list of the items in the moderate and mild results and vowed to avoid those items like the plague. I made it through Thanksgiving and traveling to WordCamp US.

The Results

I was discplined and it paid off. I started to feel amazing. I experienced less headaches, my stomach felt and looked less bloated, I had more energy and I felt less stressed out. I even lost 7lbs! It made all the work of avoiding these foods worth it. The physical and emotional graitification was so rewarding. Who knew that our digestive systems could cause so much issue in our bodies.

Failing & Moving On

Since returning from WordCamp US, I have been eating a variety of foods that I shouldn’t like cheese, pasta, other dairy, green beans, etc. It’s been a bad couple weeks. And here I am two days into a feeling that I can only describe as a pregnant, beached whale. I have a horrible headache and no energy. I also gained 4lbs back. Ugh. Even though I felt absolutely horrific yesterday, I joined a gym and pushed through my stomache pain while barely jogging on the treadmill. Today I have vowed to return to healthy eating again and continue to work out, even if it is just a 30-45 minute walk on the treadmill.

If you are struggling with diet, energy and overall health, I strongly recommend you give it a try. It’s a lot easier to stay discplined when you know exactly what things make me you feel like $hit.

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